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Written and directed by Jean-Charles Finck and Sandrine Stoïanov

Animated TV show / 17 x 5 minutes

Antisémythologies is an animated semi-featured series investigating the causes of antisemitism. It is a literary and sociological investigation carried out with humour in order to find the origin of this scourge and to elucidate the enigma of its resurgence at all times in history.

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Les tueurs fous du Brabant

Based on the investigation by Daniel Bourdon

Written by Julien Guérif

Documentary TV show / 6 x 52 minutes

Between 1982 and 1985, between France and the Brabant region of Belgium, 28 people were killed and 22 injured in a series of ultra-violent hold-ups with paltry loot. These bloody and inexplicable events are traumatic. Forty years later, Daniel Bourdon tries to solve this case, which has remained unsolved until now...

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Polar Vortex

Written by Julien Guérif and Alexis Normand

TV show in co-production with Endemolshine Fiction / 6 x 52 minutes

In 2050, contrary to forecasts, the northern hemisphere has suddenly cooled down. We follow a family in its exodus to Africa, which has become the climatic and economic haven. Our Parisian family follows the path of millions of migrants to the South...

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Based on the investigation by Daniel Bourdon

Written by Julien Guérif

TV show in co-production with Elephant / 6 x 52 minutes

In April 1972, the body of a 15-year-old girl is discovered in a wasteland in the heart of a mining town in northern France. Two cops, supported by a relative of the victim, see their lives profoundly changed by this extraordinary investigation conducted over two periods, the 1970s and the 2000s, and which illustrates the metamorphosis of French society.

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Written by Dalila Kerchouche

Written and directed by Sébastien Cirade

TV show / 6 x 45 minutes

On the verge of exposing an environmental scandal, a feisty mother narrowly escapes an assassination. After a tense duel, she turns her killer into her ally. Together they confront a sprawling organisation, a mysterious agency that spies, kills and pollutes.

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Written by Robert Hospyan

Written and directed by Liam Engle

Feature film

Adrien Vichnievsky is a brutal police sergeant. Following an intervention, he is accused of killing a young man. Adrien claims to be innocent but all the evidence points to him. He is imprisoned. Adrien then starts to rewind time: the more the film progresses, the more Adrien goes back to the time of the crime of which he is accused. He has 24 hours to find out who accused him...

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Written by Pierre Delorme

and Loïc Gaillard

Directed by Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun

Feature film

November 1993. Alex and Papé, buddies for eternity, are living it up. Until the day they get momentary access to the internet of the future. They could change the world! But when they come across the front page of the L'Équipe newspaper two days early, everything changes. Les Bleus will lose their match against Bulgaria and are eliminated from the World Cup! With their neighbour Julia, they will do everything to change the outcome of this match...

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Written and directed by Luigi Li


Today, difference is more and more represented, minds are opening up, and beauty codes are evolving. How did some celebrities overcome their complexes and become examples of the fight for tolerance? Who are the decision-makers who choose to highlight difference? What means do young people who still have complexes have to assert themselves and accept themselves in a society where image is king?

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Written and directed by Justine Le Pottier

Short film

Like every morning, Jeanne is getting ready to take her daughter to school when a young woman rings the doorbell. She would like to see the inside of the house, she lived there as a child. At least that's what she claims.


Au-delà du chaos

Written and directed by Léo Konnerth


In the hollow of a green valley surrounded by dense forests, populated by goats, monkeys, iguanas and dwarf antelopes, stand five mud houses. Here, without running water or electricity, lives a community led by the charismatic authority of the tribal chief and healer. Could this territory be the mirror of our own society and our own interiority?



Written by Quentin Thiriau, directed by Franck Brett

Short film

Murphy, the Rugoni family dog, has had a heart attack and is running out of time. Daniel finally has an excuse to reunite his two sons for the first time in 7 years, since their mother died. But once there, the dog doesn't die...


Catalogue (anre)

Buona Notte

One Halloween night, three thugs are on their way to rob an old house. They are surprised by the owner with a gun. He is as rude as he is threatening. One of the thugs' phones rings. They try to do whatever it takes.

Writers and directors: Grégoire Bensimon and Victor Bindefeld

Short film - 9 minutes
Distribution: Manifest

Pour un zeste d'amour

A young man will try anything to succeed in his dish. His search for the lime peel will gradually transform him into a desperate and Dantean quest.

Writers and Directors: Hadrien and Mathieu
Short film - 15 minutes - Pre-bought by OCS.
Distribution: Manifest

Buona Notte - AFFICHE.jpeg

Je suis ton père

Paul, a young man of 20, and his girlfriend are expecting a child. His mother has never told him who his father is, but the context imposes it: it is Gérard Depardieu. Paul sets out to find him, to understand where he comes from, before becoming a father himself.


Director: Justine Le Pottier - 2019

Short film - 20 minutes - with the participation of the CNC and Adami. Distribution: Premium Films.
Purchased by France 2, HBO, TV5 Monde, Cine+, Shot tv

Selected for the Alpe d'Huez Festival 2020 - Grand Prix of the Jury and Best Actor Award at the Meudon Festival - Special Mention of the Jury at the Dijon Festival - Script Award at the Dinan Festival


In the middle of winter, a young Innu sawmill employee decides to break away from the emptiness and anguish of his daily life by going to the middle of Lake Pekuakami. He disappears. Is it a death or a metamorphosis?

Director: Léo Konnerth - 2018
Short film -12 minutes - Distribution: ORIGINE FILMS


Selected at the Edmonton International Film Festival
Selected at the Chacun son court festival in Strasbourg

Actu (ancre)


Our short film Je suis ton père, directed by Justine Le Pottier, is now on Vimeo

Justine Le Pottier's film Je suis ton père is now available for free on our Vimeo channel.

You can watch it by clicking on the link:

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À propos (ancre)



Stupefy develops and produces programmes in all formats. Mainly focused on fiction, we are open to the most original projects in terms of content and form.

Alexandre Dahan created Stupefy in 2018. He is also Co-President of the FJPI, Federation of Young Independent Producers

Since September 2022, he has been joined by Pierre Fessard, production assistant at Stupefy.

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